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Our Passion & Our Mission

Welcome to Nibbly Treats!  

We are a family-owned small business.   

We love our Guinea Pigs and want only the best for them.

We created our site in the hopes that we could provide some amazing all natural or organic foods and treats for all Guinea Pigs.

We are planning on expanding into rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and other furry friends as well.

We have done A LOT of research but please note, we are not "pet nutrition professionals". 


Annett, owner, does have a total of 15+ years history of working in a veterinary setting and has a big heart when it comes to all animals.  While she now works in a medical clinic for people, her passion for animals & their care is still at heart and is why she's decided to create Nibbly Treats.

Katy, co-owner is a Guinea-Pig lover as of 2015.  When she was 15 yrs old she got her first Guinea Pig:  Marshmallow who was a craigslist adoption.  The family who originally adopted him learned their child was allergic to the hay so we picked him up.  Marshmallow was all by himself initially but as we learned more, we realized he needed friends.   Today Katy has a total of 4 Guinea Pigs, all which have played in huge part in what products we have.  If they won't eat it or play with it - we won't put it on our site.

Abby, creative super-helper.  Abby is very creative and has an eye for color.  She plays a great part in creating seasonal blends for our Guinea Pigs and is creating the Fall blend as I write.   

She also is owner of Nat, the one-eyed cat who enjoys watching our Guinea Pigs and has become our "Honorary Quality Control Manager".  Nat ensures the Guinea Pig Shenanigans don't get too out of hand as she keeps her EYE on them as they try new things.

We also believe in being environmentally responsible.

Almost all our packaging either made from recycled materials or recyclable/biodegradable.   

We like to keep our packaging plain and simple - let the product speak for itself.

We hope that your Piggies enjoy these products as much as ours have.

Thank you,

The Nibbly Treats Team



The Fuzzy Pig

FizzGig came to us earlier this year.  A young lady posted to rehome him due to a living situation that wasn't ideal and her Piggie wasn't safe where they were living to due an... well unfriendly room mate.  We took him in.  His furr was a little rough when we first for him but over the months it is getting better and better.  He's quite unique, social but does like to occasionally cause trouble with the other 3.


Irish Bob

My Favorite (Shhhh...Don't Tell The Other Boys!)

Irish Bob came to us almost at the same time as FizzGig.  Katy wanted another Guinea Pig to add to the bunch and I found Irish Bob... I just love the name :)  

Our of the bunch he is probably my favorite but... don't tell the others.

I just love his colors.



Black & White Crazy Furr!

Oreo was adopted with Sweet Pea below.  I have no idea how they ever got along because since day 1 they haven't at my house.  However he has seem to take a liking to Fizzgig so he's his buddy for now.  :)


Sweet Pea 

Brown, white, black  & crazy furr

Sweet Pea as we call him now, has been a complete challenge.  Since day 1 he's been wanting to go after the other piggies and bite us.  Initially we couldn't think

of a good name for this boy but we soon learned that a lot of sweet talking calmly and just showing him he is safe really helped.  Its taken A LOT of work but he is finally coming around and actually been a Sweet Pea... most of the time ;-)


Nat, the One-Eyed Cat

Nat The One-Eyed Cat.jpg


Honorary Quality Control Manager

Nat was adopted from the Newberg Animal Shelter in fall of 2019.  She lost one eye as a young kitten due to a severe upper respiratory infection and Abby just fell in love with her when she saw this little one-eyed cat on the shelter website.

Nat has been a fine addition to our team and is always keeping her EYE on things making sure the she keeps the guinea pigs in line!    ;-) 

We do have two other elderly kitty cats (Lucky & Gracie) but, they want nothing to do with our Guinea Pig Shenanigans and prefer to nap or lay in the sun is a rough life.. isn't it? ;-)

**Note:   Nat is well behaved and just likes to keep an eye on them.  We do no recommend that you give your cat access to your guinea pigs unless you are sure your cat does not see your piggies as... "snacks".

Gone...but never forgotten

Ralo and Marshie.jpg


Marshmallow was adopted in 2015.  My daughter was interested in a Guinea Pig and someone listed him on craigslist.  They were re-homing him after finding out that their child was allergic to the hay.
He was a joy to begin with but after a while we realized... he needs FRIENDS!  He is where this all began.

Update: Sadly in 2020 we lost him due to old age.  He was almost 6 yrs old.  Gone but never forgotten.


Officially was  Guinea Pig #2.  He was the youngest of the bunch and spunky as can be. 

He had an obsession with running across the hall and under my bed.  Could almost pass for Marshmallows brother... except with crazy furr!  He was an unplanned pet store purchase.  He was all by himself, didn't look very good and we just couldn't leave without taking him out of there.  He has grown so much and was so much healthier! 


Sadly just a few weeks after we lost Marshmallow, we lost Ralo too due to a birth defect that no one knew about including the vet - until after we had to put him down.   

In the short time we had him, he weaseled his way into our hearts and will not be forgotten.

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