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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Where are your products from?

        Nibbly Treats product ingredients are from wholesalers within the US, Canada and UK.  Some products are locally sourced in Oregon.

        We try to get as much organic product as possible but sometimes we just have to settle for natural. 

        We always ensure none of the flowers, leaves and woods we get have never been treated with any kind of chemical.

  • Do you have Organic Products?

       Yes!  We do have a number of items that are organic.  We also have some items labeled as as natural because they are not certified organic.

  • Do you make ALL your Nibbly Treats products?

       Yes!  Our Nibbly Treats products are blended, packaged, labeled by us.  We create our own labels on our printer,  print and cut them as well.

       We do not outsource for any of our labor.  We do carry Oxbow and Rosewood as well, however everything with our Nibbly Treats name we     

       created ourselves.

  • Do you use any additives?

       We do not use any additives in any of our Nibbly Treats products.  We try to select those products from Oxbow and Rosewood that fall in 

       line and also are all natural and/or organic when possible.

  • Do you have a store we can visit?

       Currently, we are online ONLY.   We hope to expand into a brick & mortar store in the future.

  • Will you be expanding to other animals?

       Yes!  We would love to expand into rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and eventually even cats, and possibly reptiles! 

       But we want to make sure we do our research.  We are not pet nutrition professionals, so we need to do our research and consult with

       our local vet to make sure every product we make - is a good choice.

  • When do you ship your Guinea Pig Subscription Boxes?

       Depending on when the subscription box is ordered, it will ship either on the 1st or 15th of the month.

       Should those days fall on the weekend or a Holiday, we will do our best to ship out the day before.

       This allows us to better manage the number of subscriptions we have.

       All other non-subscription box items will ship usually within 24-48 hours of ordering and tracking numbers are provided.


  • Can we pick up locally?

        At this time, since we are in the midst of a pandemic, I would rather not offer local pick up.

More to come!

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