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Guinea Pig Care, Helpful Resources & Product Recommendations!!

A Healthy Guinea Pig is a Happy Guinea Pig!!

Proper Guinea Pig care is so important.
On this page we are compiling a list of trustworthy website, YouTube channels and more.

We have found these to be very helpful in our journey when we first were leaning about our Guinea Pigs and I hope you will find these just are helpful!!!


Veterinary Care


Whether you just got your Guinea Pigs or had them for years - it is important to have them see the Vet at least once yearly.   This will ensure early detection of any health problems and if you ever do have an emergency, you already have a vet familiar with your guinea pig.


For our Guinea Pigs, we use Newberg Veterinary Hospital in Newberg Oregon. 


Dr Gonzalez & the rest of the team have met all of our Guinea Pigs and the visits couldn't have gone better!  Their staff recognizes that Guinea Pigs need to be seen quickly when things happen and have been able to get our piggies seen when needed.   If you live near Newberg, Oregon - I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Helpful Resources

LA Guinea Pig Rescue is a wonderful resource for your Guinea Pigs.  Anything from taming your piggies, to health concerns, and so much more.  They have a wealth of information about Guinea Pig care.   LA Guinea Pig Rescue have a website and can be found on YouTube and on Facebook as well.

Product Recommendations:

Guinea Dad Guinea Pig Care Liners

These liners are AMAZING and the only liner we use for our Guinea Pigs.  Made of Bamboo Fiber, super absorbent and can be machine washed.  Simply fantastic and speaks to everything we support as well.  

Available in multiple sizes - even C&C sizes!

Here is more info from their website:

Why is GuineaDad’s Guinea Pig Cage Liner the #1 guinea pig fleece liner?

What makes them better than other types of guinea pig bedding?

Super Absorbent - Highly absorbent. The The GuineaDad guinea pig fleece liner 

is the ultimate bedding that is able to take in up to three times its weight in water.

It absorbs moisture away from the fleece layer to keep the fleece and small animal’s feet dry.

The dryness minimizes the chance of bumblefoot, which can be life-threatening for small animals.

Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and Anti-microbial - Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and odor resistant. The bamboo fiber found in our fleece bedding has the natural properties that reduce the chance of small animals acquiring any bacteria-related disease, ranging from respiratory to conjunctivitis. The properties also minimize odor build up.


Grows Naturally - It’s pretty obvious that we care about our small animal friends. We also care about the environment! The bamboos grow quickly without any pesticides or fertilizers. We like to use an easily renewable resource to protect our Earth.


Biodegradable - Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable, great for the earth. GuineaDad’s plastic-free corrugated box package is made with perforated die-lines that you can tear off and use as a house.


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