We Care


During these uncertain times, safety for all is our top priority!

As a precaution, all products we have are only handled/packaged/shipped while we are wearing gloves & masks.

We feel that even with the vaccine, there is still a long road ahead and we want to make sure we are taking every precaution possible.


That sign says it perfectly:   There is no Planet-B.  We should take care of the planet we have now.   This is why almost all packaging and labels we use in our Guinea Pig Subscription box and products are either made of 100% post consumer content, are fully recyclable or biodegradable - that includes our clear bags we use for the forage blends.

We are actively seeking alternatives for the very few things that do not fall into this category.

Animal Shelter.JPG

Newberg Animal Shelter is the shelter we adopted Nat from.  They do AMAZING work and we hope to be able to donate a percentage of our profits to help them continue to do so.  Of course, in the beginnings our donations may not be much however we hope as we grow - that our donations will grow.

We at Nibbly Treats we care not only about our furry friends but also about our community, our customers and our environment!